This extension is an easy way for you to manage all of your Chrome extensions that you’ve installed. You can enable, disable and change access options of extensions.

The following three problems are solved by Chrome Extension Manager:
⛔ Problem 1: Many people are unaware that they installed Chrome extensions at all. You’ll be able to see any “hidden” extensions and apps that run in the background so that you can protect yourself from malware or malicious extensions and apps.
⛔ Problem 2: Many people experience a slow down on their browser experience without realizing that it’s due to one of their Chrome extensions that are not optimizing their browser speed.
⛔ Problem 3: Many people use free ad blockers or maybe coupon Chrome extensions who have no privacy or security policy! Those Chrome extensions are usually using user data in ways that their users may not be aware of.

This new Chrome extension is a simple solution that lets you:

✅ View all your installed Chrome extensions
✅ Quickly enable or disable certain Chrome extensions
✅ Group your extensions
✅ Enable or disable your Chrome extension groups (like the Chrome extension group “shopping”, for example)