Get my receipts is a new tool that’s magic for your email receipts. In order to organize digital receipts and invoices for taxes or for expense reports, just click on “Get My Receipts” in Gmail, and let the tool do all the work for you. It’ll organize your receipts into a spreadsheet by:
✅ Taxes
✅ Merchant
✅ Subject line
✅Email text
✅Email PDF of each receipt

  1. After you install the extension from the Chrome Web Store you’ll see the Get My Receipts button in your inbox. Simply click this button:
  2. The export of your receipts will begun and it run in the background. Get My Receipts will automatically detect all of your email messages with receipts, and then formatte tand exported them in a way that makes them easy to process. You can check the status of your spreadsheet at any time by clicking this button in the top right corner as shown below:
  3. When your export is complete you will receive an email notification from cloudHQ:
  4. You can open this email, and click this button to open your spreadsheet.
  5. The resulting spreadsheet will like this:

Save labels to PDF; convert all label emails to PDF; convert sublabels to PDF