NOTE: You must have a Salesforce Business/Enterprise Plan to sync using cloudHQ.

A short illustration of how this is done can be watched in demonstration video here:
cloudHQ with Credeon.

Here are the instructions for how to set it up:

  1. Go to the Credeon website and install Credeon:
  2. Install Credeon

  3. Follow the installation procedure guide:
  4. Install Credeon

  5. You will be notified of successful installation:
  6. Successful Credeon installation

  7. Configure Credeon to protect Dropbox. Right-click on the folder you want to encrypt, then select “CredeonCP encryption settings”:
  8. Credeon encryption

  9. Select your project and click “Ok”:
  10. If you have not created a project, please follow these steps in the Credeon website for MAC users: Create Project for MAC. If you’re using a PC, please follow these steps in Credeon website for Windows users: Create Project for Windows.

    Encrypt folder

  11. A CredeonCP folder will be opened and files will be automatically encrypted. You will see the folder icon with a silver lock, which means it is encrypted by Credeon:
  12. Encrypt folder

  13. Go to the Synchronization wizard
  14. Sync wizard

  15. Click on Salesforce icon

     Salesforce icon


  17. Select an already-configured Salesforce account or click “Add Salesforce” to add new Salesforce account:

     Salesforce account

  18. If you click “Add Salesforce,” you will be forwarded to authorize cloudHQ to access your account:

    Add Salesforce

  19. Choose what you’d like to sync or back up, then click “Next Step”:

    Salesforce folder

  20. Click the Dropbox icon:

    Dropbox icon

  21. Select an already-configured Dropbox account, or add a new Dropbox account:

    Dropbox account

  22. If you click “Add Dropbox,” you will be forwarded to authorize cloudHQ to access your account:

    authorize cloudHQ

  23. Select what you’d like to sync, then click “Next”:

    Dropbox folder

  24. Select the Dropbox folder you have encrypted earlier to sync with Salesforce:

    Dropbox folder

  25. Choose your options. Synchronization will start automatically:

    Start sync

  26. The synchronization pair and status will display after the initial synchronization.
  27. An email will confirm the success of the initial synchronization.
  28. The files will be automatically encrypted in Dropbox:

    Encrypted files

  29. When you add files in Dropbox, they will also be encrypted in Salesforce:

    Encrypted files


Note: You need to have Credeon installed to read files.