cloudHQ can create the list of email addresses from your Gmail email messages. You need just to search for messages and click and click the Build Email List button, and cloudHQ will create a Google spreadsheet with all email addresses.

The spreadsheet containing all the information about your contacts, and your interactions with them. This enables you to always be prepared to: reach the right people, make great impressions, and nurture relationships throughout the sales lifecycle.
For each email address in your contacts, we will deliver the following information to you in an organized spreadsheet:

  • Your contact’s name
  • Your contact’s location
  • Your contact’s public social profile information
  • The date, time, and email link to the email of your last sent message/li>
  • The date, time, and email link to the email of your contact’s last message they sent to you
  • If your contact responded to your last sent email message or not

This is an excellent solution for small businesses to improve communications with their customer or supplier relationships. Your spreadsheet will automatically be updated in real-time as new emails or new contacts come into your inbox, so you will always have full visibility of each business-related relationship in an organized report whenever you need it, in a shareable way via Google Sheets.

Here is how to do it:

  1. Install Export Email to Sheets exntesion. You can install it from here
  2. In your Gmail select Spreadsheet icon:
  3. Select on Extact all email addresses button:
  4. We will send you an email with the spreadsheet as soon as the spreadsheet is created. You can also download it from the dashboard:

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