Occasionally, you may encounter an issue where Gmail’s auto-archive or “skip the inbox” filter rule doesn’t work in conjunction with the “label as” rule. Although emails receive labels, they do not skip the inbox as intended.

Here are some potential solutions for the above problem:

  1. When the “never send to spam” option is enabled, it takes precedence over “skip the inbox,” making it ineffective. To resolve this, simply disable the “never send to spam” option.
  2. Create an additional filter to archive all emails with a specific label. Follow these steps:
    1. Go to the label you want to automatically archive all emails for:
    2. Click the search icon (next to the X) and enter the text from the search box into the Has the words field. Make sure to enclose the text in quotes. Then, click Create filter.
    3. Select the Skip the inbox option and click on Create Filter: