You can use Wizard 2 of Export Emails to Google Sheets, Excel, or CSV to extract custom information from the bodies of your emails. Parse the order/shipping notifications, confirmation notices, client support tickets, etc., that you receive, and create automated spreadsheets that include order numbers, sale price, customer name, order processing time, and more.

To get started with Wizard 2, follow these steps:

          1. Install Export Emails to Google Sheets here by clicking Add to Chrome:
          2. Create a new Gmail label. Include, inside it, all of the emails you want exported to your spreadsheet:Label Icon - Wizard 2Create a Gmail Label - Wizard 2New Label - Wizard 2
          3. While viewing your new label, click the spreadsheet icon on your options bar, Start Export to Google Sheets:Icon Exports to Sheets - Wizard 2
          4. A page with six wizard options will appear. Select the second option—Extract Information from the Body of Your Email Messages—by clicking Start Wizard:
          5. Select the Gmail label you want to back up and click Continue: Wizard Selection - Wizard 2
          6. Customize the columns for your new spreadsheet.Extraction Categories - Wizard 2
          7. If you want to create your own custom columns, click Add or Edit Custom Columns. Then click Start Export:Custom Extraction Categories - Wizard 2
          8. You’ll see a confirmation notice that your email export has started successfully:Confirmation Notice - Wizard 2
          9. Click the icon in the upper-right-hand corner of your Gmail to monitor progress:Monitor Progress - Wizard 2
          10. Once your spreadsheet is ready, you’ll receive the following email with a link and button to view your spreadsheet:Success Email - Wizard 2
          11. Once you click the link, you’ll be directed to your Google spreadsheet—already populated with all the information from your Gmail label’s exported emails, now ready for your viewing.Spreadsheet - Wizard 2