How to access Email Signature Generator editor?

There two ways to open the Email Signature Generator: In the cloudHQ dashboard click on the icon as shown below: Or click on the icon in the upper right corner of your Chrome window or click on the icon in the toolbar of New Message window: When Email Signature Generator window is opened the following […]

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How to change email signature details?

Here is an explanation on how to create or change your email signature details like your name, email, company, title, phone, mobile, address, website, or add another field. You can also upload or change your photo or logo.

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How to add or change the green footer signature?

In order to add or change the green footer signature? follow the steps below: Open Email Signature Generator as explained here Click on Extensions menu item: Click on Green footer selection: Choose template or enter your own text: Environmental responsibility template: Please consider your environmental responsibility. Before printing this e-mail message, ask yourself whether you […]

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Getting Started with Multi Email Forward (How to Forward Multiple Emails in Gmail)

Need to forward many emails over to someone? This is a quick way to select all the emails you’d like forwarded, and send them off to 1 recipient with a click of a button. Or do you need to migrate your account? If you want to migrate an entire email account to another one, you absolutely can– and in seconds! cloudHQ’s Premium plan allows you to do this regardless of how many emails your email account has.

✅ Full email migration support
✅ Label migration support
✅ Forward Multiple Emails in One Click
✅ Forward Emails as One PDF attachment
✅ Forward Emails to Your CRM
✅ Full and Complete Email Account Migration / Email Transfer
✅ Forward Emails in Encrypted PDF Format

To find out more about Multi Email Forward, click here.
To install Multi Email Forward, click here.
Instructions on how to get started are here.


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