Gmail’s conversation view was groundbreaking when it appeared 15 years ago, but it always shows new messages on the bottom of the thread instead of the top. That’s annoying to some long-time email users. Here’s how to change that.

Unfortunately, Gmail itself provides no easy one-click option that will put all new messages on the top of a conversation thread. Microsoft Outlook and Apple Mail both show new messages at the top of a conversation thread by default, but they offer an option to put those messages at the bottom. We wish Gmail would do the same.

But, although Gmail doesn’t make it as easy as we’d like, there are still ways to see new emails on top in Gmail.

Gmail Reverse Conversation will solve this problem. This Google Chrome extension will reverse your Gmail conversation threads to show in chronological order.

After you’ve installed the extension, the newest message appears at the top. As a bonus, the Reply and Forward buttons are also now at the top.

You can control order of your conversations by clicking on the reverse conversation button:
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